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Posted By BeAstMaSter On 28-02-2015 | Views: 20,923 Replies: 63
an extremely nice model!
kinda agree about the tires, but the rest of the car is absolutely beautiful,
and that last render is damned near photo perfect ;)
Had a grandmother who owned that car,...
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 28-02-2015 | Views: 2,863 Replies: 4
very well done :)
I definitely like the style/structure of this house better than the Victorian,
and will be giving this tut a try very soon.
Already see a few changes I'd make in my own model,...
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 20-02-2015 | Views: 3,920 Replies: 3
I'm kinda with Gen on this ......
tho I personally like the brown better (unless you "muddy" up the green a bit)
But something definitely amiss with the arms ......
The shoulder area seems to...
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 02-02-2015 | Views: 151,071 Replies: 139
so ctbram, basically what you're saying is that Maya is really only good for doing Polygon type modeling and that's about it? (modeling tools wise)
That doesn't sound very promising :(
I was under...
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 31-01-2015 | Views: 10,929 Replies: 36
too funny!
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 30-01-2015 | Views: 10,929 Replies: 36
really liking this new house, much better than the Victorian ;)
had to double read your last post, as I thought the bottom image was a render of the environment
was gonna comment how real it...
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 26-09-2014 | Views: 7,415 Replies: 27
looking good, seems to be coming along very nicely :)
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 14-09-2014 | Views: 4,755 Replies: 4
nice atmosphere, and really like the texturing of that tree!
makes me want to go grab my chainsaw :D
not too sure about those 'lil bots, but that rock with the face also looks cool
lighting could...
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 14-09-2014 | Views: 59,957 Replies: 80
that handle looks really cool ! :)
grabbed headus last week, patiently waiting for that tut
luckily I've got other projects going to keep me occupied else I'd be pestering you LMAO :D
Posted By BeAstMaSter On 12-09-2014 | Views: 7,415 Replies: 27
that's not me, have an X-Box 360 just for the kids that come over during parties/gatherings
But myself, too old to make fingers work them dad-burned controllers, need too many combo's too fast
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