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Posted By 3djoe On 04-02-2021 | Views: 6,748 Replies: 1
Forum: Finished Work
This is my finished Robot. I followed the Robot Modeling Tutorial - to laying out - to Substance Pinter then to Integrating with a photo.
The Image I used was from my visit to Hamburg Germany.
Posted By 3djoe On 12-05-2004 | Views: 11,929 Replies: 81
Happy B-DAY:)

Its my sons B-Day today too.:cool:
Posted By 3djoe On 11-04-2004 | Views: 4,292 Replies: 63
Got mine today!:)
I will watch monday. thanks guys.
Posted By 3djoe On 15-03-2004 | Views: 779 Replies: 7
glad you are back. now get modeling something.:cool:
Posted By 3djoe On 15-03-2004 | Views: 572 Replies: 1
Nevermind I found it
check it out it is rather good.:)
Posted By 3djoe On 14-03-2004 | Views: 572 Replies: 1
I am looking for an animated video called Evelyn. it is a few years old. It was about 2 old people the wife ended up in the hospital in the end. If you have links please post.

thank you
Posted By 3djoe On 11-03-2004 | Views: 2,273 Replies: 24
That is some amazing work! :rambo:
Posted By 3djoe On 11-03-2004 | Views: 7,166 Replies: 3
it depends on what style stairs you are making!
if they are straight up I would create 1 then duplicate it with transform.:)
Posted By 3djoe On 13-02-2004 | Views: 855 Replies: 9
well I went to student orientation last night and got my student ID and talked to my advisor:p And I officially start March 15. I will still pop in once in a while but I will never be gone.

Posted By 3djoe On 03-02-2004 | Views: 855 Replies: 9
Thanks Huxley for the reply.

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