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Posted By bendingiscool On 07-10-2010 | Views: 1,921 Replies: 5
This sounds like a very simple MEL/Python task, select all your objects, and in a python tab run this...

import maya.cmds as mc

sel =

for i in range(len(sel)):
polyToSub =...
Posted By bendingiscool On 07-09-2010 | Views: 1,433 Replies: 8
It's fairly dependant on how much detail you want to have, as imho any method that involves bolean operations gives you completly the opposite of control and flexibility. Boolean ops are very...
Posted By bendingiscool On 12-08-2010 | Views: 2,576 Replies: 11
I don't think Maya likes to display transparency if done through a gradient, or any other type of texture, in the viewports.

As long as it works in the render you don't have anything to worry...
Posted By bendingiscool On 21-06-2010 | Views: 1,948 Replies: 3
Forum: Programming
When I checked the command you were trying, the flag you were using is not there. The command as a whole does not appear to be related to swatch based stuff.

Have a look at the command...
Posted By bendingiscool On 13-06-2010 | Views: 2,610 Replies: 2
Don't scale the effect, thats not how dynamics work (unless you cache out the particles, then scale that perhaps?).

What you need to do is scale the scene, group everything together and scale that...
Posted By bendingiscool On 10-06-2010 | Views: 2,620 Replies: 7
Download the Maya Bonus Tools from the Autodesk site, they have an audio plug-in that you can use to drive an objects attributes.

Posted By bendingiscool On 07-06-2010 | Views: 3,971 Replies: 19
I went to Uni in Swansea, pretty much the dodgyest place you could go, and my PC was fine, just lock the door and take caution ;)

When at uni I never felt the need for a laptop, would take notes...
Posted By bendingiscool On 02-06-2010 | Views: 1,645 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
As stwert mentioned, you get pain in the ass names, plus you can use export various filetypes(.obj, .fbx, etc) with export mode.

Posted By bendingiscool On 30-05-2010 | Views: 4,425 Replies: 1
The visor is just a place that Maya uses to store presets of various mel scripts, pfx brushes, dynamic caches/setups etc.

If you right click on one of the images in the visor it will give you...
Posted By bendingiscool On 29-05-2010 | Views: 1,952 Replies: 6
Is he UV mapped?
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