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Posted By Chris_H On 30-09-2004 | Views: 10,865 Replies: 105
Very nice composition mate!!

I realy like it.

The only suggestion I would make would be to perhaps add something to the mid distance, even if it's just some clouds in the background. The...
Posted By Chris_H On 28-09-2004 | Views: 12,720 Replies: 164
Great final entry Murph.

Been checking in from time to time (when I get a little time that is) and this is a really well worked piece my friend.
The water is really well executed, nice and...
Posted By Chris_H On 28-09-2004 | Views: 10,865 Replies: 105
Naughty Pony :bandit:

You got distracted by all those tenticles instead of refining your original concept.

Only joking, tis very nice mate :)

Looking forward to seeing the finished article....
Posted By Chris_H On 07-09-2004 | Views: 10,865 Replies: 105
Very nice concept work, I'm sure that getting that much detail in at an early stage will help you later. Good Preperation!

Very interesting colour concept too, really looking forward to seeing how...
Posted By Chris_H On 08-01-2004 | Views: 2,513 Replies: 6
Forum: Finished Work
Thanks Mainline X,

rhaoosh, it was based on Lucy Lui but wasn't intended to be an exact copy.
Posted By Chris_H On 02-01-2004 | Views: 800 Replies: 7
Hair is looking nice!
Any chance of a close up?
Posted By Chris_H On 01-01-2004 | Views: 16,060 Replies: 168
Thanks Sil-Valeor.

Just want to say sorry for not being able to complete this challenge. Circumstances just meant I didn't have the time to finnish.

However, the challenge was great, with some...
Posted By Chris_H On 26-12-2003 | Views: 5,158 Replies: 60
Really nice job Sil-Valeor!!

Well done!
Posted By Chris_H On 24-12-2003 | Views: 16,060 Replies: 168
Hi Ice,

thanks for asking, I did ok. I've got to wait until mid January to find out weather the company have the contract. I'm told that if they do then I'm on the team. So, just a case of wait...
Posted By Chris_H On 16-12-2003 | Views: 14,609 Replies: 169
Bravo, bloody excellent!!!!!!!!
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