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Posted By DgAPc On 17-12-2005 | Views: 799 Replies: 4
Then I would make sure your vertices are merged together if its still doing that with the keep faces together.
Posted By DgAPc On 02-08-2005 | Views: 933 Replies: 4
I would like the shader settings!
Posted By DgAPc On 17-03-2005 | Views: 1,688 Replies: 9
No do not put it in your portfolio. I think its not very professional. If it was me looking at a demoreel to hire someone for the job and I reconized the model used for a tutorial I would throw it...
Posted By DgAPc On 01-03-2005 | Views: 1,452 Replies: 8
Yea I do believe you can get very good results with nurbs, but I don't see much people actually using it for characters any more. People that actually use it are usually car modelors. Nurbs used to...
Posted By DgAPc On 01-03-2005 | Views: 1,452 Replies: 8
Actually I think nurbs is something from the past. It might be good to start out with but most of the time convert it to polys. Alias hasn't upgraded Nurbs for a long time and it looks like they...
Posted By DgAPc On 15-01-2005 | Views: 7,880 Replies: 10
I'm not sure, but I think nurbs is something from the past. It used to be that all characters where modeled in nurbs for movie productions, but not no more. I believe that polys or subdivision are...
Posted By DgAPc On 24-12-2004 | Views: 47,526 Replies: 602
Posted By DgAPc On 13-12-2004 | Views: 1,893 Replies: 13
Normal Mapping is cool. I messed around with it. This is my results. The one on the left is 9,000 polys and the one on the right is only 200 polys.
Posted By DgAPc On 08-12-2004 | Views: 1,435 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
Theres no way to fix that. Plus Think about your shot. Are you gona be that close for a render. A little farther back you won't even notice it.
Posted By DgAPc On 06-12-2004 | Views: 2,312 Replies: 22
for creating a character in nurbs you can never create a seamless character. You would create the head by making patches.
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