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Posted By frank__1 On 02-08-2006 | Views: 1,021 Replies: 2
sorry it"s not just doing that with the camera .even if i tryed moving around in z space
Posted By frank__1 On 01-08-2006 | Views: 1,021 Replies: 2
just have a quick question about
viewport. when every i try moving my camera it snap 's back
to the original location any idea what is happen
i also updated my video card
Posted By frank__1 On 21-11-2004 | Views: 706 Replies: 1
is uv mapping and Camera Projection the same thing
Posted By frank__1 On 17-11-2004 | Views: 645 Replies: 0
Camera projection. Hay guys
Any one knows where I can get a good tutorial on it.
I have checked out the web .but the entire tutorial’ sucks
Posted By frank__1 On 13-11-2004 | Views: 999 Replies: 1
Any one knows much about connect poly shape.
Any time I create a poly shape and try to edit cv the poly split in 2 .
Any help will be appreciated. ps
Keep faces together is turned on...
Posted By frank__1 On 26-08-2004 | Views: 1,124 Replies: 1
Hi just have a quick question about extrude face.
Whenever I select some face to extrude & keep face together
Is on. All the face split in all different direction.
Any solution to this problem....
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6