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Posted By THX1138 On 22-08-2021 | Views: 2,516 Replies: 2
Whew, it's been a long, long, long, long......long time since I posted anything here on these forums, but I digress.

With all due respect, you need to keep learning how to use the maya tools...
Posted By THX1138 On 26-08-2017 | Views: 12,174 Replies: 6
Nice work as always tweety! It's always good to see classic Transformers. I still remember the old Grimlock you did years ago. Amazing work still!
Posted By THX1138 On 15-01-2017 | Views: 64,385 Replies: 63
Great work kurt! It's surreal to actually see a physical model from the cg work. This makes me want to get back into maya. I haven't touched it in several years. I have some old models that would be...
Posted By THX1138 On 15-01-2017 | Views: 2,442 Replies: 4
Good to see you again coldwave! Seven to eight years is a very long time away from SM. I would like to see more of old members come back.
Posted By THX1138 On 15-01-2017 | Views: 151,336 Replies: 301
Sad news to hear Jay. Was wondering what happened. Hoping 2017 will be much better year for you.
Posted By THX1138 On 04-09-2016 | Views: 6,031 Replies: 8
Does a new community section mean a new forum or does it mean you have to have a twitter, Instagram, or facebook account?
Posted By THX1138 On 22-02-2016 | Views: 151,336 Replies: 301
Nice as always work Jay. When are you looking to release the promo?
Posted By THX1138 On 21-07-2015 | Views: 151,336 Replies: 301
Great Progress as always jay. I haven't touched my Maya for a few years. I think windows 10 might let me run my ancient version of Maya , but then again I should just upgrade.
Posted By THX1138 On 14-12-2014 | Views: 2,787 Replies: 10
Our prayers are with you mate, you can pull through this.
Posted By THX1138 On 14-06-2014 | Views: 7,483 Replies: 32
Looks great tweety! You still going to finish the ZOID and the Robocop 2 "CAINE" models?
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