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Posted By KHM3dia On 18-08-2014 | Views: 1,640 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
So ive got this rig that i created it for a full human a while ago. However instead of redoing the rig and skinning with the mesh, how can i delete specific bones but maintain the same weight...
Posted By KHM3dia On 11-08-2014 | Views: 3,279 Replies: 1
Forum: Animation
So i tried creating a simple animation of a cube and then having it rotate for infinite. However in Maya 2015 this doesnt work. The infinity curve doesnt appear. Tested it in Maya 2014 and it works...
Posted By KHM3dia On 27-07-2014 | Views: 1,834 Replies: 0
Has anyone recently move to Maya 2015 and tried using their old scripts from 2014 or earlier and had any issues? Ive got a lot of scripts that i am using and if i was to move to maya 2015 i would...
Posted By KHM3dia On 29-05-2014 | Views: 2,349 Replies: 2
thats not what im really looking for. I wana make this effect in maya
Posted By KHM3dia On 29-05-2014 | Views: 2,349 Replies: 2
I dunno if you guys have seen the trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier Live action but theres a few scenes where the soldiers cloak in order to get past enemies.
Posted By KHM3dia On 05-01-2014 | Views: 1,610 Replies: 3
So i created this model my model in maya and then exported it in 3ds max to start rigging it, but then i exported it as an obj back into maya to do the UV's and in the end i noticed than at my wrists...
Posted By KHM3dia On 03-01-2014 | Views: 1,441 Replies: 1
If i had a 3D model with symmetrical build, and lets say i create the UV's for the left hand or left foot. Could i use the same UV's in order to create the actual textures??? or do i need to have for...
Posted By KHM3dia On 07-08-2013 | Views: 873 Replies: 0
ive doing the UV's for a hand and some of the fingers are bigger than the others, is there a quick way to fix this?
Posted By KHM3dia On 08-07-2013 | Views: 1,597 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
Ive got this model and hes pretty much fully skinned however theres parts like the thigh were its skinned fully but there's some weight on the other side as well. So i got rid of it and mirrored it,...
Posted By KHM3dia On 22-06-2013 | Views: 1,905 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
Ive got this model fully skinned, yet when i try to mirror onto the other side the weights, it doesnt work on the wrist, yet it works on every other joint.

Im using YZ, positive to negative,...
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