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Posted By swankymonkey On 11-12-2008 | Views: 2,950 Replies: 44

The texture on that cleaver looks a treat!

I've been keeping tabs on "Outlaws".

Lets chat it up soon.

Posted By swankymonkey On 05-02-2007 | Views: 4,555 Replies: 18
Splendid job, Amauri.

The smirk on her face looks a little awkward in the first render but in the Final Gather render it looks sweet. Not sure why. I think it may be on the Directional light + 3...
Posted By swankymonkey On 05-02-2007 | Views: 8,163 Replies: 96
Fantabulicious, Mr Edwards!

I can't say enough about this design. I don't want to sound like I'm slighting your previous vehicle models but this one is definately a superior creation.

Posted By swankymonkey On 26-01-2007 | Views: 4,555 Replies: 18
Hi Amauri!

Your texturing has improved leaps and bounds since last I saw your work (and it wasn't bad back then either). The proportions on this model are perfect. The final version of the red...
Posted By swankymonkey On 15-01-2007 | Views: 8,163 Replies: 96
Dearest Jay

Your vehicle design skills have taken a quantum leap since last I checked. This speeder has a real 'stripped down for speed' feel. This is not to say that your previous designs were...
Posted By swankymonkey On 09-09-2006 | Views: 40,875 Replies: 238
Looks like a cross between a shotgun and a WW1 era water cooled machine gun.

Perfect for gunnin' down characters with questionable reputations. And by the looks of it I'd say its gunned down more...
Posted By swankymonkey On 20-08-2006 | Views: 40,875 Replies: 238
The leather texture look very convincing ... even just in open GL.

All the well worn destressed effects sell it.

I would love to see how you did this.

Posted By swankymonkey On 07-08-2006 | Views: 1,093 Replies: 8
Yeah, Jay ... but what about SIMPLYMAX? All they have are Max tutorials. Its just MAX MAX MAX ... wheres the MAYA? XSI? Are they some kinda fanboy site?

Someone should do something ...:ninja:...
Posted By swankymonkey On 30-07-2006 | Views: 40,875 Replies: 238
Hot? Jeez. You want some cheese with that whine? Whenever the sun comes out you Brits go all limp, rosy cheeked and sweaty ...:bandit:

Lookin' sweet my brotha! Looks like you've got another epic...
Posted By swankymonkey On 14-05-2006 | Views: 1,251 Replies: 9
LOL ... they don't call you ridicule for nothin'!
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