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Posted By danielchappelle On 19-01-2017 | Views: 2,624 Replies: 0
Forum: Maya Modeling
Hello All,
I am getting this strange result when trying to append to poly.... I have saved, restarted, opened and closed and still get this sad result.
What am I doing wrong?
Posted By danielchappelle On 24-08-2016 | Views: 3,209 Replies: 3
Hello to All,
I am just getting back into maya 2016 and have not fully explored texturing.... but can anyone tell me if I should be looking at substance painter for texturing? in the past texturing...
Posted By danielchappelle On 15-08-2016 | Views: 3,374 Replies: 2
yeah after I spent the weekend trying to migragrate from 2011 to 2016 i just gave up and I am doing the changes by hand, it is nice to know I am not alone and crazy thinking I can just...
Posted By danielchappelle On 12-08-2016 | Views: 3,374 Replies: 2
Hello Simply Maya
It is great to finally get back to using Maya.

I have been away but now I am back.

I habe Maya 2016 and used to be real happy with 2011. I am not a fan of the new look of...
Posted By danielchappelle On 05-03-2015 | Views: 4,239 Replies: 2
I upload obj and mtl asap
Posted By danielchappelle On 28-02-2015 | Views: 4,239 Replies: 2
Hello All Simply Maya People,
I am seeking help on how to import an obj file and its mtl file. I have found a few on web, models that is that come with mtl file and tried many times, but can't seem...
Posted By danielchappelle On 27-02-2015 | Views: 3,572 Replies: 1
I cannot post a new post in Textures Forum? No pull down forum tools/newpost/ if that makes any sense.
Daniel Chappelle
Posted By danielchappelle On 12-08-2014 | Views: 26,714 Replies: 12
That surface looks tempting but I have not looked into the specs enough yet.

Gen - I wanted to repeat my thanks again - I really appreciate you notes and they have drastically helped me out. ...
Posted By danielchappelle On 28-04-2014 | Views: 3,669 Replies: 4
I have been using Maya since it was Wavefront etc.

I too have older versions and old scripts - there was a script that would allow you to toggle thru tabs and assign a hotkey to it, any idea of a...
Posted By danielchappelle On 23-01-2014 | Views: 1,730 Replies: 1
Fixed it - after two days trying to solve this. I just by chance tripped over the answer.

If this helps anyone, this is what I found out.

When I tried to save scene, or even a render - seemed...
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