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Default 3D paint clone tool Spitfire Tutorial

Ok its probably staring me in the face but jeez they couldnt have made this tool (or the help file) any harder?? hhmmm maybe they could.

Ok I get this error when I try to set the clone source

// Warning: Some surfaces have no file texture assigned to the current attribute. //

Now I have read the help file and it tells me this

If you have not previously painted or assigned file textures to one or more of the surfaces, the following warning appears on the Command Feedback line:

Which doesnt tell me much. I have a texture assigned to a shader to an what am I missing?? When I go to assign a texture the plane I havent selected goes black. Now I have a feeling texture mapping and some other horrible stuff may be involved here? When I was doing the tutorial the UV's were mapped fairly well but as I have learnt, hidden edges (90 to the planar object) mismatch in Maya.

I havent got to the end of the tut so I may be jumping the gun...but as I assume I am currently building the igloo without the door I thought I would ask. No sleight is intended towards Kurt or the tut in this query.

cheers bullet
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