Substance Painter
In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Maya Dynamics Set - Holiday Special

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Get started learning dymamics in Maya with two tutorial projects covering rigid body dynamics, keyframe animation and fluid simulations. We also look at lighting and rendering in Mental Ray with image based lighting, final gather, global illumination and caustics. All scene files and assets are included. [Go to the tutorial page]
Save $15 with this offer valid until December 4th.

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In this training kit we create a six second animation of golden rings bouncing out of a falling wineglass which we shade, light and render in mental ray. It's a workflow tutorial which will give you enough information to start designing your own dynamic simulations and experiment with Maya's more advanced lighting...[Continue Reading]

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In this training kit we take you through Maya's fluid dynamics system, topics covered here are 2D and 3D fluid containers, shading fluids, nparticle integration with fluids and fluid sculpting. By the time you're finished with this tutorial you will have some insight into how Maya fluids work and how you can use nparticles [Continue Reading]

Final animation from Introduction to Dynamic Concepts in Maya

glass fall - YouTube

Final effects from Introduction to Fluid Dynamics in Maya

An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics - Tutorial Preview - SimplyMaya - YouTube

[Go to the tutorial page]

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