Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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" Select curves longer then "

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is possibility to select curves longer then (certain size). I have used Toon outline and then generate curves out of it. Now I have 3000 curves but I don't need that much. There are lots of small tiny curves that I would love to delete. Is there a way I can select only the short curves and delete them. I mean a way other then doing it manually ,script or plug-in ?! user added image

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This should do it. Change 10 to whatever length you want. Select your curves, then run the script in the MEL script editor.

string $curves[] = `ls -sl`;
float $length = 10;

select -cl;

for ($curve in $curves)
    float $curveLength = `arclen $curve`;

    if ($curveLength > $length)
        select -add $curve;

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You are GOLD ! Thank you so much !

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