Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial we create an animation of a low polygon man throwing repeated punches at a boxing ball. You will learn how to key frame more involved motions over a longer period of time working with the time slider. Once the main frames for our boxing animation has been keyed we will start to edit and refine it in the Graph Editor. We'll also use the Dope Sheet to offset the rotation in the spine and arms. Finally we render out our animation sequence.


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Parts Credits Length Size
Lesson Pack 1 2 31 Minutes 82 Mb
Lesson Pack 2 2 24 Minutes 62 Mb
Lesson Pack 3 2 28 Minutes 73 Mb
Lesson Pack 4 2 32 Minutes 84 Mb
Lesson Pack 5 2 52 Minutes 134 Mb
  • Length: 2 hours and 47 minutes
  • Software: Maya 7
  • Format: DiVX
  • Download Price: 19.95
  • Video Credits: 10