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David James Software: Realflow 5

This tutorial will get you started with RealFlow, so you can begin to design your own simulations. The first six parts cover the basics in RealFlow, and how to get started with simulating fluids. We look at the interface, creating particle emitter...

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Nilla Nova Software: Maya 2011

Learn to make nice looking glass in Maya with this tutorial. We look at the complete process, from modeling through to rendering. Topics covered include glass shading and image based lighting. We also look at how to set up caustic lights in mental ra...

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Kurt Boutilier Software: Maya 8.5, Photoshop

This tutorial continues the modeling project with UV layout for the creature character and his armor in Maya. We then bring our work into Photoshop for texture painting to create color maps for skin, leather and metal. Bump- and specular maps a...

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Kurt Boutilier Software: Maya 6, Photoshop

Learn how to create cartoon scenes in Maya with this tutorial. We start off by modeling the scene using polygons, NURBS and paint effects. From here we move on to UV layout and hand-painting textures in Photoshop. Finally we bring the scene together ...

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George Waldron Software: Maya 2008

This tutorial takes you through the creation of a tie fighter. It's a good beginner project as the pace is slow. You'll learn how to use Maya's polygon modeling tools and build up detail on a model. We also look at good naming practice and staying or...

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Kurt Boutilier Software: Maya 8, Photoshop

Learn to create characters in Maya with this modeling and texturing project. We use NURBS and polygons to make the orc head, which is then UV'd. The UV maps are brought into Photoshop, where we look at creating realistic skin textures. Finally we wor...

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KBrown Software: Maya 6 - Photoshop

This project covers the modeling, texturing, scene setup and animation of an Apache helicopter. We start of by modeling the helicopter, which is then UV'd and placed in an environment which we create. We then shade and light the scene, and move onto ...

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Dave Scotland Software: After Effects

Learn to get that cinematic look in your shots with this tutorial. Here we composite a classic asteroid chase. We create two shots, covering a wide variety of post effects, such as motion blur, grading and motion graphics. By the end of this tutoria...

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