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Bifrost cloth simulation

Bifrost is not only capable of simulating fluids but you can also use it for cloth. In this short tutorial, we show you how to drape a cloth over a table in Maya. This will get you used to the node chains and workflow of creating cloth within Bifrost. From here you'll get an idea of how to use Bifrost Graphs and MPM cloth to simulate drapery like curtains and table cloths. We also cover how to convert a Bifrost Graph to Maya geometry, thus keeping the simulation output rather than the animation of it. MPM cloth has the advantage over nCloth in that it performs faster and more accurately in many situations. It's also compatible with other MPM simulations like sand and snow right off the bat and as it's created in a Bifrost Graph you can plug other nodes into it for custom behavior that would be difficult to achieve with nCloth.

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