Senior Modeler in VFX - An interview with Aldo Martinez Calzadilla

Published: Wednesday 19th of July 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Aldo Martinez Calzadilla is a Senior modeler at ScanlineVFX. He's worked in the industry for eight years on projects such as Game of Thrones, San Andreas and Batman vs Superman. In this interview he shares his experiences, as well as some tips for CG mode

Six great resources for learning Maya

Published: Friday 30th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Want to learn Maya? Here's some of the top places online that every Maya artist should know, hosting tutorials, 3D models, character rigs and many other things.

10 great Maya plugins

Published: Wednesday 28th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
There are a lot of plugins for Maya that can help make life easier, whether you're a beginner to the software or a more experienced user. Here we list ten free plugins for Maya that will help you out, covering everything from modeling to animation.

An Interview with 3D Artist Jonathan Vårdstedt

Published: Tuesday 27th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Swedish Jonathan Vårdstedt is only 19 years old, but is already working in the CG industry as a generalist, and he's been nominated for Autodesk's Area Artist of the Year award.

Best beginner rigs for Maya

Published: Monday 19th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
New to animating in Maya? Check out this list for some of the best free beginner rigs that you can get on the web.

Better After Effects integration in Maya 2017

Published: Friday 16th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
The integration between Maya and After Effects has been improved with Maya 2017 update 3. You can now get After Effects elements to track 3D rendered elements and link the timelines between the applications.

Color Marker script lets you add color to the outliner and wireframe

Published: Tuesday 13th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Color Marker, a script that lets you add random colors to the items in the outliner, has been updated. The latest version lets you quickly randomize wireframe colors on selected objects in your scene.

Arch-viz in Maya and Maxwell - An interview with Fernando Valdés

Published: Thursday 8th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Fernando Valdés works as an arch-viz specialist for several Mexican architectural firms, and has more than ten years experience in 3D visualizations. In this interview he tells us a bit about how he got started with 3D, and shares some tips for arch-viz.

New Controller Nodes in Maya 2017

Published: Tuesday 6th of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Steven Roselle, Senior Technical Specialist at Autodesk, reviews the new controller nodes that were added to Maya 2017.

New free wedge tool for Maya

Published: Friday 2nd of June 2017 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Klaudio Ladavac has released wedge tool 1.0. It is a script that builds upon Maya's existing wedge tool, but makes it faster and more interactive to use in everyday modeling.