Realistic Outdoor Environments

By: David James | Software: Maya 2014 | Runtime: 10 hours and 42 minutes
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About This Course

Realistic Outdoor Environments

This project takes you through creating realistic outdoor environments in Maya. If you've been relying on third party applications to create your environments, this tutorial will show you how you can do it within Maya. We look at making different types of trees, bushes, flowers and grasses with paint effects, and bring all elements together in a final scene. Every element in our scene we create entirely within Maya. By then end of this tutorial you will have built up a large library of reusable assets for all your own outdoor scenes. You'll also have a good working knowledge of paint effects.

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Lesson breakdown

Below you can find a breakdown for each individual lesson in this course

  • Lesson Pack 01 0. Intro Video
  • Lesson Pack 01 1. Creating grass with paint fx
  • Lesson Pack 01 2. Creating grass bundles
  • Lesson Pack 01 3. Creating grass bundles continues
  • Lesson Pack 01 4. Basic texturing and rendering of grass
  • Lesson Pack 02 5. Randomizing grass mesh
  • Lesson Pack 02 6. Creating multiple UV tiles and textures for grass
  • Lesson Pack 02 7. Instancing grass
  • Lesson Pack 02 8. Selectively placing grass and randomizing
  • Lesson Pack 03 9. Creating a garden path
  • Lesson Pack 03 10. Controlling the grass with expressions
  • Lesson Pack 03 11. Tweaking the grass
  • Lesson Pack 03 12. Creating field grass with paint fx
  • Lesson Pack 04 13. Shading field grass
  • Lesson Pack 04 14. Creating bushes with paint fx
  • Lesson Pack 04 15. Making a leaf shader in mental ray
  • Lesson Pack 05 16. Texturing and shading leaves continues
  • Lesson Pack 05 17. Creating bump, transparency and reflectivity maps
  • Lesson Pack 05 18. Making multiple bushes
  • Lesson Pack 06 19. Creating different types of bushes
  • Lesson Pack 06 20. Creating a willow tree with paint fx
  • Lesson Pack 06 21. Making leaves for the willow tree
  • Lesson Pack 07 22. Texturing the willow tree
  • Lesson Pack 07 23. Editing the tree trunk and branches
  • Lesson Pack 07 24. Creating low polygon trees
  • Lesson Pack 08 25. Creating ivy and flowers
  • Lesson Pack 08 26. Placement of plants with spPaint for final scene
  • Lesson Pack 08 27. Creating a depth pass with cut out opacity

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