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# 1 18-09-2004 , 10:04 PM
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Blue face selection dot is not showing up

Look at the pic. There are a few faces on my model where the little blue dot in the middle of the face is not visible, but the face can still be selected by dragging a selection box over the area where it should be? Why is this happening? I tried reversing the normal for the face, and conforming normals on the model, but it doesn't help. Please, does anyone know how to fix this?

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# 2 19-09-2004 , 03:48 AM
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Don't sweat it. Nothings wrong. The dot just appears at the center of the vertices of that make up the face. So when a face is nonplanar (as most faces seem to end up being) the dot can 'dissappear'. But its not really gone. Its just hiding from you on the other side of the face. Using the Xray mode helps in this situation or I've also found moving the camera back helps too.

Hope this helps


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# 3 22-09-2004 , 12:09 AM
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you get used to clicking in the center of a polygon anyway. Youll learn how to click the box even if you cant see it easily.

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looks like the normals could be facing the wrong way. Try selcting the faces and flipping the normals and see if that helps.

Not having the dot in the faces could mean that those faces are screwed and you may need to rebuild them.


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# 5 24-09-2004 , 02:32 PM
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You can also just go into wireframe display mode, and the dot will show up ..

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