Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
# 31 24-05-2005 , 11:36 PM
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Well Qui'gon was a rebel of sorts and didn't follow the will of the council either. He eventually learned something that Yoda didn't even know. So to me it looked like the Jedi had become stagnant in their "power" so to speak. Their fear or wanting to see Anakin's potential may have been their downfall. If they knew he was so powerful, and could easily turn to the dark-side like he did, I think they should have tried harder in teaching him how to really control the force and himself.

Then again, Count Dooku was Yoda's padawan. So maybe being a Jedi isn't as white and black as we use to think?

I guess we'll have the TV series to continue the story a bit. I believe it's supposed to be inbetween Ep. 3 and Ep. 4, but I hope it isn't. I'd like to see what happens after the Jedi start to reform. Maybe even after Luke.

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In Empire Strikes Back when Luke is in Yoda's hut and Obiwan shows up, doesn't Obiwan say to Yoda; "Was I any different when you taught me?"

Yoda was Obiwan's master - so where does Quigon fit into all of this?

In return of the Jedi when Luke and Leia are talking in the Ewok village, she says she remembers her mother being very sad and dying when she was real young - but Padme died during childbirth. Are we to believe that it was her adoptive mother that she was refering to?

In EPIII Yoda tells Obiwan he will teach him the technique of communicating with those Jedi who have passed on. And in EP-IV ANH, when Vader boards the blockade runner in search of the Death Star plans he tells one of his cronies; "There will be no one to stop us this time." These two events leave too much still untold between the two episodes.

I liked EPIII visually but the more I think about it the more I find discrepencies with the whole story line. It's rather disappointing to think that the general Star Wars fan knows more about the story than its' creator. user added image

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Yeah, Qui-gon was a rebel of a sort, but he mainly kept to the jedi code. His defiance towards the council wasn't out of hatred, emotion, or that he thought he might be better or anything like that. He just had a different view on some things, but they were still within the best interests of the Jedi, and it's heritage. Anakin was mad because Obi-wan, and the Jedi council would not let him do what he wanted to do.Thats another reason why anakin went down, and Palpatine was there for him to cry on his shoulder. This works the very same as if one was in the military. When your the low man on the totum poll, you do what your told.

As far as The Master/Padawan realtion between Obi-wan, Dooku and yoda. Every Padawan starts out with Yoda before they are let go with another Master to develop their skill. Yoda teaches the Padawan to control their emotion, and use the force to guide them through their choices on the job, and in daily life. Anakin had too many of the wrong people around him that influenced him. He should have kept to the Jedi code and sacraficed everything if he were to become a serious Jedi, and hold the respect of the council. Yoda even told Luke to sacrafice his friends, and stay on Dagoba, and complete his training. He was warned that he could have destroyed all for which Han and leia had fought, and suffered for it. These are the kind of skills Yoda teached to his padawans. These are the things that Anakin had such a hard time controliing, and eventually failed to do.

Of course this is just my opinion.

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just some facts for the Hong Kong release of III -

the title isn't "revenge of the sith," because they called episode VI "revenge of the jedi", and they didn't want to reuse it. instead it's called...well i'm not %100 sure, but something about "black warrior". i'll ask a friend what it translates to.

there's a famous Chinese actress named Bai Ling, she was supposed to be in III. apparently Lucas shot her scenes (i think she's in the senate or something), but she later announced she'd be in playboy, so Lucas cut her scene out, as it wasn't congruent to to the ethics of star wars, or whatever. or so i hear.

R2 is called "Artoo", in English. I was reading some of the chinese subtitles as i watched it, and they wrote "Artoo". i figured he would just be R2, which would sound like "R-yi" if read in cantonese. in fact a lot of the characters/place names had english, instead of chinese, names. written in english. usually a person or place name is translated into a phonetically similar chinese word, but not in III at least. i forget what C3PO's name was...threepio or something.

and just out of curiosity, what minorities never appeared in the star wars universe? there were black guys, an asian guy in VI i think, but not the new ones...what about Indian? does Jimmy Smits count as Spanish?

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where did u get the chinese version at?

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i'm in hong kong. i watched it in the theater, it was in english with chinese subtitles. it was released the 19th, same as the US, right? actually wednesday night had showings too.

# 37 26-05-2005 , 09:35 PM
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Originally posted by astrocalder
does Jimmy Smits count as Spanish?

Jimmy what? doesnt sounds like a spanish name to me... and we look like the average european caucasic skinned black/brown haired male... more kinda hayden christensen... on the indian subject, yes... jimy smits could have "some" south american indian blood on its veins...
not that missing human minorities could possibly matter when there are represented tens of other alien species anyways?user added image

It kinda sucked R2D2 being the most badass robot in the movie... doesnt suits him at all... even more deadly than Grievous(that showed no talent whatsoever in using the lightsaber, come on... 4 of them? if he had any skill obiwan should have been diced and sliced at the beginning... but ahh a flamethrower... parry that with your lightsaber...XD)

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I agree that the movie went too quickly, and kind of breezed over what should of been some of the most important parts of the move, (Anakin's Transformation.) I also have to be honest, after seeing the first three movies, Darth Vader seems a bit less menacing. In the originals, especially before he saves Luke, Vader actually felt and seemed like a really bad scary guy. However, now having seen him as a cute little boy, and then a teenager/young man, he seems a lot less scary. Especially at the end when he rises, because in my mind I know that under that black suit that has so long seemed to be such a symbol of evil and terror, I know that there is just a young guy.
But anyway good stuff, gotta love the visuals. Beautiful light saber battles, but there were still some noticable flaws with the graphics during certain fight scenes. But otherwise very pretty to look at.

# 39 27-05-2005 , 08:08 AM
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when Vader rised i felt kind of like swithcing off those big red interruptors on his chest! user added image... make them put you a lid on them dammit!... and now we are on it both you and grievous substitute your lungs for atificial ones! you both already lost more than 70%of your body!... dont have nothing to loose except the asthma!...

And on episode 4 luke looks like on its early 30s so vader would be on its late 50s... kinda old face beneath the mask(more than what episode 6 reveals...)

in the voice department i have yet to hear it on original english but this time i suspect they screwed it on the spanish version... with the 3 original we had a really good vader voice actor.... better than the original methinks (even when if you knew its face it was really funnny picturing him beneath the mask) but this time...

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on the whole reproductive matter of starwars... just dont ponder about it!
Nobody told lucas that thing of the flowers and the bees and anakin bas born without the intervention of a male of the species.

Knowing what if amidala just inflates instantly from shot to shot and can suicide at will just with his mind?

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Saw the film last night and loved it, although i agree the dialog could of been better in places. Anyway i'd just thought i'd point out that if anyone who wants to know more about the cg elements of the film that this months 3DWorld magazine is something of a star wars special.

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Saw the movie a week ago, I didnt like it so much, 2 stars.
The special effects were AMAZING. Awesome stuff, especially because they made it with Maya
Action too nitense and just too much... you know? for SW
And the Obiwan/anakin fight scene was so corny, they are like dancing on the lava and noones even feeling the heat, but then when anikins legless on the floor, he is like 5 feet away from the lava and spontaneously combusts.
I didnt like how R2D2 kicked everythings ass like that...
But it was funny when the droids picked him up and he squirted oil at them and they kicked him. Anyways, I didnt like it so much

Cheers, user added image
,Matt user added image

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hey Guys

My 10pence worth. I loved it overall, it had some serious scale, and you were 'in there' the minute it started.

With regards to Anakin turning, I dont feel this was rushed really as theres a couple of scenes prior to his allegiance to Sidious where hes really debating it as he wants to save his Misses but still wants to be a Jedi, but after he helps sort out old Mace Windu hes just kind of stuck and cant turn back, so hes just really made that pact with the devil and now he has to pay the price. On agreeing with Sidious knows he can take him out at some point as he mentions to Padme on Mustafar before choking the crap out of her. He wants it all!! Greedy Bastard!!

Also the Grievous coughing fit; you have to watch the second series of the Clone Wars cartoon to understand it (now Im getting into geek territory) Mace Windu is supposedly to have crushed his lungs during a scrap, so....

The only disappointing bit was Vader in the suit part where he breaks free of his bonds. I think if someone had just told me that kind of news Id go a bit more fricking ape shit than that, bad asthma or not!!

Also could have done a bit more with dialogue where Obi hands over Luke to the Uncle and Aunt, so to explain why his uncle calls him a crazy old man as in the dinner sequence from the original.



# 44 02-06-2005 , 08:38 PM
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Just saw the Movie a few days ago,, Man,, Lucas pulled down his pants and took a nice big steamy dump on this one, as I read in the post, way to fast, not enough explanations of all the scenes, If I haven’t seen the cartoons I wouldn’t know why General Greavis was injured and breathing hard, I heard that Han was to be in the movie saving Chewy and it got cut, as mention by Dave,, left way open. George owes me some freaking Money… Last time I pay $10 for popcorn and $5 for soda. :headbang:

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