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# 1 20-04-2007 , 01:02 PM
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tony jaa ong bak kungfu fight scene

hello, just wanted to know what you reckon of this fighting scene by tony jaa(ong bak). this scene was filmed once with no special effects/edited in computer what soo ever ...

[WARNING: contains violence]

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# 2 20-04-2007 , 01:42 PM
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Yeah, I like that one. The best fight scene he's done (and one of the best ever, in my opinion) is between him and the capoeira meistre in tom yum goong (the protector).

watch it here

[violence again]

Oh, and it's Muay Thai, not Kung Fu user added image

# 3 20-04-2007 , 01:51 PM
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yeah sorry muay thai i mean user added image lol that video looks like breakdance fighting :p

# 4 25-04-2007 , 09:02 PM
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thats an amazing video. I cant believe how smooth the camera handles all the action!!! And how he drops the dude down the balcony with no special effects is serious skills right there.

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