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macs VS pcs?

At school i use a MAC to run maya and etc. But i am looking to buy it for use at home, i was wondering what i should get, A MAC or PC to run maya and other programs? What are some benefits to one or the other?

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I don't think there's really much difference in using maya between macs and pcs (except some shortcuts)... so it really comes down to budget and preference. This isn't the place for yet another mac vs pc debate, but rest assured that there are many people here that are happy with macs and others that are happy with pcs.
Make a list of what software you want to run, and check compatibilities for mac os, windows etc.
Check your budget against the available mac platforms, and see if that gives you what you want. (You can get a PC for any amount of money generally). As for specs, do a search on the forums, since there's a ton of info already. If you have a specific question, feel free to ask.

Hope that helps.

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nowadays the prices for both pc and mac are almost the same except for ram so its really upto what os are you most comfortable in

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Go with whatever your comfortable with. Personally you couldn't give me a Mac, but for Maya usage it just comes down to your preference.

/me waits for a hoard of people to come in and start the whole mac vs pc debate again lol

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It begins again. D:


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There are some things I really like about Macs but...

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No real difference, all parts are the same so....

Only thing I would have a think about is graphics card in the Macs. (same when specing a PC for maya though)

Macs are good as a platform with balanced hardware but suffer in upgrading and customisation.

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Heres my input.

A Mac works for any Mac program because it HAS to. If there is any compatibility issue a Mac just freaks out and wont listen. With Windows you have the ability to run unsupported software at the risk of it being unstable. Apple pretty much makes it impossible to indie or customise so thats where the 'Macintoshes never crash' thing comes from.

Don't buy in when people say how amazing Mac's are for editing and graphic design. Its the same deal as before except you are paying twice as much for something that will just be outdated when the iWhatever (insert next version here) comes out...

But thats just my bias iPinion...

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haha i'm sorry for this guys i was just curious didnt know i was doing anything wrong haha.. next time i'll look around before i post. sorry lol thanks for the input though and Nova nice video hah

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I have both! I use the Mac for "projects" though.

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