Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
# 1 16-09-2011 , 08:00 AM
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Old Boat

Hi All,

Quite a long time with no post!

Just a quick model that I produced of a wooden rowing boat, if was for an "extra" in a short film but never got used fully.



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Welcome back gster123!

It looks good! It's a shame it didn't get used fully. Any chance it will make its way into another one of your projects?

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Wondered where you had got to. Nice moody lighting.

Welcome Back.
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nice steve....texturing is great...looked for repeated stuff (aka bathroom tile and yes I do look for it in the shower)...doesnt appear straight to the eye which is good. I think the rim looks a bit odd...maybe too end grain in detail...but I sure as hell like the end effect mate...nicely done man. Pity it wasnt used but it is something that is yours...that cant be taken away from you.....

cheers bullet


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Nice texturing good to see you posting............dave

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Very nicely textured... where will you use it? planning a story?

# 7 23-09-2011 , 06:55 AM
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Cheers guys,

nope its probably goign to sit on my HDD for a while! I might post it up as a resource if any one wants it.



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