Beer glass scene creation
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Corner of speaker gets rounder


how do I get this rounding towards the end of the speakers?

user added image

user added image

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you can bevel any edge to round it

1st pick the edge you to start round action on it as the 1st pic

2nd press CTRL+B to bevel the edge

3rd adjust the value form the box to get the desired shape "note if the box not appear just press T or adjust the value form attribute editor or channel box"

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# 3 29-10-2021 , 08:06 PM
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I would also bevel the edge to get the initial shape.
Img1: Create your base shape - remove all the extra edges to start with until the base shape is right.
Img2: Bevel the edge with the size and amount of segments you want.
Img3: Select either corner, press D to get into pivot edit, then align pivot with top most vertex and the right most vertex.
Img4: Scale the selection, (do it on front and back) to get the difference you want.
Afterwards you need the create the rest of the edges to support the shape and remove the Ngon from the front and back.
There are many ways to do it, but this would be my approach to it user added image

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