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Old 24-12-2006, 01:58 AM   #31
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I agree with Arran, you can't just come on here and then moan when you get no crits for a time. Think of the time of year, for most of us it's very busy in personal and work life, so we don't have thay much time. SM is a community site and therefore you should look at others work and pass on your thoughts about it. I am working on something at the moment, but have had no posts from others for a while, I just keep updating it and wait. We all do that.


The geometry on the window doesn't look clean to me, it looks as if it was a little complex and was sorted by a merge verts command. Apart from that the geometry is really clean, as Arran stated.

I also agree about the texturing, the shader for the car is not really that great (sorry), i feel that you should look at a car paint shader tutorial online (there are a few), to give you the proper feel. Also the rear lights look like a red lambert has been slapped on. Your good model has been let down by quick (and a little poor) texturing. The windows look like they are made of Aliminium and not Glass. Get hold of a nice glass shader or look into how to create one. I also recommend renderimg in MR with FG and GI too. There is lots of info on how to do MR renders online, they will show you the basics.

Good Work on the Model, just work on the texturing.
Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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Old 24-12-2006, 02:51 AM   #32
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Hah, dont think of any of this as a waste of time, surely you are learning at least a little just by doing. And from what I've seen you've had plenty of people comment, if they havent been giving crits then they probably feel they have no need to.

Personally I don't seem to get many responses either, I don't take it to heart, some projects just attract more attention than others. Arran has stated it well, offer more crits on others work and people will be more likely to check your stuff out.

On your model, I have to agree with most of whats been said - the geometry looks clean, you just need some different shaders (bodywork & windows) and a little bit of 'dirtying-up'. Oh and I'm not sure how true to blueprints your exhaust ports are, but they look a little tight to the exhaust, and possibly a little too square. Wheels look cool!
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Old 25-12-2006, 03:49 AM   #33
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The modeling is nice, but the rendering/texturing needs lots of work. Reflections are way too high. There are some very good tutorials on renderingn with passes, using occulsion, or using FG with HDR. Do a google search.

model is very clean, that's a great start.
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Old 25-12-2006, 06:34 AM   #34
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i hate you man you're mesh is too smooth my mclaren wip is killing me with its mesh:headbang:

nice lookin car dude:bow: :bow:
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Old 26-12-2006, 02:25 PM   #35
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i said that as i had a problem area and no one said a thing for days ...... so no help .... , i dont mind if i had no problem areas, if i get no comments, but would like something about the problem area.

im not much of a poster , as 99% of the time is kewl looks good ......... and i feel that its not very helpfull
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