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Outliner and Channel box font size etc.

Hi there,
I am having troubles seeing the text inside the Outliner, channel box, and the dialog boxes. So I did a serch in here to see if there is anyway to make the font size bigger. Howver the closest thing I found was that someone had replied that the font sizes in Maya are controled through Windows operating system.

So I had opened Windows display properties and then clicked on appearance, but I didn't see anything that comes close to changing the font size for dialog boxes. The closest thing I thought might work is changing the title bar and menu bar font sizes but just like it states it only changed the title bar and the menu bar font sizes. Is there another option that would change the font size of the text for the outliner box, channel box, and other dialog boxes inside of Maya?

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Can't say I can help you on this one, but have you tried setting one of the accessibility schemes in Windows? If it does in fact change the fonts in Maya then you know it can be done. It's just about finding the right one hehe. Don't forget to take note of your current windows scheme.

There must be a way to fix it from within Maya tho people, no?

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