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Maya 6.5 Reference Editor

I have made some changes to a referenced object(a nurbs car) in the (parent) referencing file, ie.. Rotates and Translates. And then have used the Reference Editor to save those changes back to the original referenced file. Per new maya 6.5 feature.
I received this error;

// Result: C:/MayaUsers/*******/projects/Audi_MR/scenes/Environment04.mb //
// Warning: Cannot parent components or objects in the underworld. //
// Warning: Cannot parent components or objects in the underworld. //
// Error: Object is already a child of the parent. //

These error lines are repeated eight more times

Later when I unloaded, then reloaded the same referenced file, some of the geometry was back at its original referenced state, 0 0 0, before any changes. While others maintained the changes in Translates and Rotates.

On opening the original referenced file (nurbs car). I notice that some of the geometry changed to what is in the referencing parent file.. ie.. the translate and rotate edits. While others were back at its original creation state, 0 0 0. and even its original scale state.

It didn't surprise me to see the changes that I made to this file when it was a reference, changed when i opened it up. Even though i didn't really expect it. But I was surprised to see only half of the car at this state and the other half like it took a trip to this underworld place.

That is, the tires were lined up in a row, side by side, I never remember doing that. The seats adjustment levers were scaled 4x the size of the car and back at the 0 0 0 state. And lots more
weird stuff.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Or have I been spending to much time in the underworld.

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