Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
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putting SimplyMaya things in my portfolio

kurt says in a tutorial, that the model is now ready for rendering and adding to our here is my first it allowed to put things, that I made with the SimplyMaya tutorials in my portfolio?...I mean, these aren't my's just that I'm building them step by step with kurts help...

and another question: my friend - who is also a user of SimplyMaya- gave me his frog tutorial, because he has no time at the moment and wanted me to try it our....(I myself am at the assault mech model- which is great by the first non organic modeling experience....) is it okay if he just gives me his tutorial as a present or do I have to download it again for myself....?

thanks (-:

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For the first question: read this thread:

And for the other: In the beginning of the SM tutorial it cleary states that "Any public display, broadcasting or distribution of this video is prohibited by law". That means that your friend isn't allowed to give the tutes away...

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If your friend just lends it to you well technically speaking that is against the rules, but then so is lending someone a book and I've done that a time or to. If your leaning it to 10 friends then that would be different.

If you happen to say be in the room, while your friend is watching his tutorial We're not going to have you shot for it or anything user added image


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It's a credit to your moral conscience that you even asked... I think most people would have just done it. Good on ya!

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Re: putting SimplyMaya things in my portfolio

Originally posted by javaa neko
I mean, these aren't my's just that I'm building them step by step with kurts help...

Well, actually, it is your model, just designed by someone else, who taught you how to create it.user added image

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No do not put it in your portfolio. I think its not very professional. If it was me looking at a demoreel to hire someone for the job and I reconized the model used for a tutorial I would throw it away. Unless you created the tutorial its all right. I believe it should be work you created yourself. With no help from tutorials.

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I think it depends on who you're showing your portfolio to. If it's for a job then it would be better to have your own work, but if it for an interview to get onto a course then it may look good by showing you have some experience in Maya.

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Does this apply to animation reels as well? For example, how about putting, say, the guy from the Organic 1 DVD into a character animation reel (after animating him, of course), for those of us who are not so hot at modelling?


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for animation only, no its not a bad thing. But thin again many animation reels have bean made with really simple geo to pin point how belivable the animation was even with out something that looked the part..

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