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# 1 22-03-2005 , 07:59 AM
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command line rendering lights problem

hey all,

i posted this in the noob forum, but this seems to be a more advanced problem, so i will try my luck here. i've got a question about command line rendering in dos. it all seems to work just fine for me, except for one thing. as i start rendering, i get a bunch of text and info and amongst other things, it says: "a default light set has been created, modify defaultRenderGlobals.enableDefaultLight to change this behaviour."
so, basically it doesn't render my scene with the lighting i set up myself. i've got a setup with raytracing because i have transparant plastic in my scene. but because of the default lights it creates prior to rendering, everything just turns out opaque and grey.

i tried several things. i dechecked "enable default lights" in the render globals. didn't work. i dechecked it and saved the globals. after that changed preferred setting to the the saved one. didn't work either. i don't really understand what i should do. is there maybe a command i should incorperate in my render command to activate the lighting i setup in my scene (i was thinking of "-edl 0" for "enableDefaultLights no" user added image )?

hope someone can help me out here. thanks very much in advance.


# 2 22-03-2005 , 09:33 AM
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I've had a very quick look and I can't see anything. It says that it is creating the default light set (this should be there by default anyways and if you have any lights in your scene it gets overridden by them) . So what I would suggest is creating a new scene and importing your old scene into it. That way you should already have a default light set and it wont try and create one.

I've never seen this problem before and I've never heard of it creating default light sets... strange.

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# 3 22-03-2005 , 08:36 PM
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thanks for the reply alan. i would have tried your suggestion if i hadn't found out what i did wrong.
after i posted my message, i had another look at it and i think i know what the problem is. or at least i got it fixed. user added image
there is a command that turnes raytracing on: "-ert 1". i thought i'd be sure and use that command to make sure my scene got raytraced. well, it turns out that maya gets confused by this command or something, coz when i didn't give that command it just rendered my scene with the lights i set up myself. so no default lights stuff.

all i'm gonna do from now on, is set up everything as i want it in my render globals. in the dos window i then only give the path and the filename in the render command and it works fine.


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