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AVIs as textures.. need help!!!


I'm working on an idea I had, to place animated panels in space. I want to apply avi's to the panels, but when I render the avi's are always showing only the first image.. the animation is not running.

What am I doing wrong..? I'm a Maya convert.. used to work with 3ds Max and I never had this problem. I read somewhere (wow do you need to read a lot when learning Maya!) that the IMF needs uncompressed AVI files.. is that it or is there something I have to set to tell Maya to treat the AVI as an animation not a still? Is it possible to use DV pal clips as materials? Is there a way to load up a sequence of image files instead of an AVI for example? Wow the questions never end!!

I'm working with the windows version of Maya 6. Any help would REALLY appreciated..


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