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# 1 06-07-2005 , 05:57 PM
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can i go higher with the resolution?

hi all,

i had a problem if i want to make uv texture and make to export to tga to edit and give some paint i can go only to 2048 pixel max.
can i get that higher or is that the last resolution that can be used? with maya? because i want to get the resolution higher but i come only to 2048 not farther if any one can help me pls!! i need help


greetz serhat

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go to the maya scripts folder and find script "performuvsnap". Edit it and look for "2048" and change that to whatever you want. There are two places, one is for horizontal size and the other one for vertical, so make sure you change both

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Thank you very much lookey user added image you helped me a lot


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why bother? just export at 2048 and then resize in photoshop it will make no real difference as the uvs are only really a guide.

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