Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
# 1 23-09-2005 , 03:14 PM
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Idea for Tute

For Mike David and Kurt

I wasnt sure where to post this so...

As you guys may or may not know Ive been asked to do a tute (at last!!) Heres my sketches for the model.

Im going to do a 'final' front and side for the final for use in the tute itself, but I just needed some feedback. Do you think this will go down well with all the SM users. Im looking at doing a hyper real caricature of a stereo type GI. Your thoughts and suggestions guys would be appreciated.

user added image

Many thanks


# 2 24-09-2005 , 02:32 PM
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It looks good to me mate I like the idea I'll let some of the members have a look at it so I'll copy this thread to the members lounge as well


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# 3 24-09-2005 , 10:01 PM
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how about an older soldier.

im not sure how extreme of a caricature you have have in mind?

# 4 25-09-2005 , 01:41 PM
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Jay, about time they talked you into doing a tut! user added image

Looks cool, but I agree with Vlad, something along the lines of the Master Sergent (or whatever he is) from We Were Soldiers would be pretty cool IMO user added image

How much will the tut cover?

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# 5 29-09-2005 , 06:00 PM
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Well Im thinking of that Clint Movie, Heartbreak Ridge, the hard bastard type. Hes that kind of character.

Blomkaal: It will be 'the head, the body, the whole damn thing' _Quint (Jaws) oh and textures too!! Lots to do!! But hopefully worth it.


# 6 03-10-2005 , 05:15 PM
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Sarge from Quake III keeps springing to mind.

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# 7 03-10-2005 , 05:28 PM
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Hey hows it going?

Sorry Ive never played Quake, (slap wrist) user added image
So I dont know what you mean, sorry dude.
Looks like a great game though


# 8 07-10-2005 , 04:54 AM
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I'd love to see someone post a side and front shot for a Pit Fiend from the D&D Game... something appropriately terrifying that makes people wet themselves in terror when he just walks within a couple hundred feet.

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