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# 1 17-06-2005 , 07:55 PM
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4 sided faces

This is a really simple question, but it has frustrating me throughout the cartoon dog tutorial.

So far I have managed to sort out the following question in my own way, I would like to know how anyone else goes about sorting this situation as mine doesnt seem very efficient.

Quite often I end up up with a 3 / 5 / 6 side polygon, and no apparent way of stratening it out without splitting lots of other polygons.

I have attached an example, if anyone could explain how they would sort these situations out it would be very helpful.


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# 2 18-06-2005 , 12:45 AM
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here u go, and theres no problem with 3-5 sided polys.

the only issue is that your renderer [mental ray for maya] may only render subD with base mesh with quads only.

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