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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Maya Game Art Work

Sorry, this format is for diff type of forums. But I was looking to see if anyone can help me with Game Art or concept art?

Humans - Alien Like Bodies - Cities - Terrain - Aircraft - Guns...etc


I am trying to get a group together. You don't have to be a college grad, but you should at least have a good idea of how to do whatever it is you want to do...

Pay: (Not For Profit) BUT: The free version will be used as presentation to get Funding.


Company profile
Establishing a solid reputation, and creating an end product that all industry leaders will follow is the main goal of this project. Composed of college students, industry leaders, and apprentices to the industry. Dedication, pride, and completion is our foundation. Together we will become industry leaders, and earn the loyalty of gamers across the world. Group has room for advancement, and will not be restricted to an at home game development studio environment.

The Game Profile
United Nations, is a multiplayer game which allows players to immerse themselves in an online universe like no other. Un-like common RPG’s there is usually never an end, but UN (United Nations) will be the new fad leader rather than a follower. The year is 2010 and life on earth has come to complete chaos. The puzzling question of life beyond earth has at last been answered. This new life, Enerpians. Enerpians have launched a full scale invasion against earth. They have completely invaded all portions of the world except the US, UK, and most of Europe because of great resistance. Most have been killed, others enslaved.

There is no more Super Power, but three nations have united in hopes to gain complete control of earth, and outer planets. The United States, United Kingdom and France must put all frustrations aside, and unite to save the world from complete extinction. There is little government structure left, and all remaining citizens have volunteered themselves to the new united military as it is their only hopes of survival. Three main basses have been set up, one in the US Territory, UK Territory, and France territory. These basses are old military installations.

They are secure and extremely difficult to penetrate or destroy. Beyond these areas small pockets of resistance from stragglers have been established. Beyond these points is land controlled or patrolled by the Enerpians. It is extremely dangerous to venture paste these points alone. The goal is to venture out past the already secured area and establish new basses, secure resources, kill Enerpians, capture Enerpian technology, destroy Enerpian Structures/basses, and defend all obtained land.

Enerpians have one rather large main base, which takes, up the entire piece of land once known as Australia. Beyond that they have established villages and smaller camps for their people and advancement. They came with about the same level of technology, but their space travel and laser weaponry technology is far superior then that of humane.

The universe is without limits and space travel has already been adopted. It’s a race against both sides to obtain complete control of the “airspace” such as stations, ships…etc The second vital race is to control the moons, and surrounding planets/asteroids. The asteroids are filled with metals, and other precious resources. Mining them would prove to be vital to the success of one side. Establishing civilizations on other planets would increase the potential of one side winning. The same goes for the moons. Enerpians have no where else to go, their home planet destroyed completely because their sun has exhausted all of it’s hydrogen. Resulting in their planet being engulfed by a huge expanding ball of fire. Do not be fooled though, they have reproduced to great numbers on earth. The purpose is simply to survive and build one’s self as well the betterment of its people.

Players will have the option to be Enerpian or Human. The only way for the entire simulation to come to an end is for one race to completely wipe out the other. When this occurs the game will reach a conclusion. There will be many instances of games running on multiple servers so to play again, all the players will need to do is join a new game.

This is very basic documentation to allow developers to get a feel of what the game is all about, and that it will succeed and become completed. This project will not be very easy, but the awards are endless for completing it. More documentation is completed and in the works, but I restrict it’s circulation to team members only. This was specifically developed for forum circulation. Thanks for taking the time to read. Any questions or interested in contributing please send an email to:

© 2005 Matthew Nowaczewski. All rights reserved.

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This project is new, and just getting started. We are looking to release this project in 6 stages.

Stage 1: Create basic Content (Alpha Release)[1-Year]
-Transit Models
-Base Content

Customize a Game Engine, and put these things into the "world". Add code to allow characters to walk around, guns to function, ships to fly, and create chat features/start-up function.

Stage 2: Finalize v1.0 (Beta Release) [6Months]
-Complete all models listed in stage 1.
-Finalize start-up function, player communication features.
-Create intro movie.
-Establish player functions. (To be able to kill, be killed, capture technology, save slaves, build basses...etc

Stage 3: v1.0 Release (Donate Ware) [6Months]
-Finalize Stage 2
-Update content
-Fix bugs
-Secure Source Code
-Hack Proof-It.
-Add 25% of listed game play/abilities.

Stage 4: v2.0 Release (Donate Ware) [6Months]
-Update new bugs.
-Add 25% more of listed game play/abilities.
-Update Content based on user feedback.

Stage 5: v3.0 Release (Life Time Membership) "Promo" [6Months]
-Limit non member players to 1hour of play time per day.
-Add 25% more of listed game play/abilities.
-Update Content based on user feedback.
-Fix new bugs.

Stage 6: v3.1 Release (Payware)[1-Year]
-Restrict use to paid users only. (Allow Life Time Membership Subscribers)
-Add remaining 25% of listed features.
-Secure Source Code
-Increase Performance
-Finalize Product

Payware version will be set up into two distro packages.

A free download for players on all previous versions. Monthly membership of 5.99. (Prices subject to change to reflect conditions that must be met to profit at the time.)
LifeTime Membership Members will receive a free download, and never have to pay again. LifeTime Membership will only be given during stage five.

For all players that have not previously plaid will need to purchase the product. They can buy it boxed at a retail store for 49.95 and receive 60 days of free play. After that they will need to pay monthly @ 14 per month.(Prices subject to change to reflect conditions that must be bet to profit at the time.) Download will not be a method of distro for "First Time" players.

We are looking at either Crystal Space or Torque. I am leaning towards Torque because it's feature rich, has good physics, and a large support channel. It's also cheaper, and the rights are more in favor of the developer. It's also much easier to get published by going through the company that crated Torque.

Currently it is:
-Learning 3D Models

-Coder (College Grad)
-3D Models (9+ Years Experience)

-Coder (College Grad)

Looking to fill the slots....

Matt Nowaczewski

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