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# 1 03-01-2006 , 04:03 AM
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Subdiv attach problem...

Hi, I am new here and to maya as well. I have been working on a subdiv hand project and all is going well untill when I have to attach the "pinky" into place. It looks like this:


user added image


user added image

I don't know what's wrong with it that it didn't turn out to be like the other fingers. All worked via select the palm and finger then Subdiv Surfaces>Attach. The threshold is set to 1.0000 and Merge UVs also and Keep originals were not checked.

Appreciate any help on this.


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# 2 03-01-2006 , 08:09 AM
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before the transformation, you should check dupplicated verts/edges, as poly's normals.
I suppose the palm's border polys on the right have their normals headed inward.

Do you use "Custom Polygon Display" ?
It's really usefull to detect kinda these topology problems.
Display "Face normals" and set their length if it's unreadable.

I would then, considering all this :
- clean the geometry a bit maybe. OPTIMIZE with non-manifold poly only activated.
- merge verts (changing the relative distance according to you scene)
- maybe also invert normals (outward) or just call a "conform normals".
- then have another go with the poly >> subD transform.

Hope you got it in there user added image

ps : carefull with "Conform Normals". I think it's just relying on the count of outwardNormals >< inwardNormals. Choice'd made according to the results. I understand "Conform the lowNumberCount's direction to the highNumberCount's one".
So CDPO first to be sure >> Custom Polygon Display (optionbox).

By the way, i don't understand why you're not adding the needed polys manually after a combine, then call for the Poly>>subD.

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# 3 03-01-2006 , 04:48 PM
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You could also try to convert your hand and extra finger back into poly's then attatch the finger to the hand by merging the merge vertices or merge edges tools. Use your custom poly display to make your border edges stand out more so you can see where you need to attach your geometry. Then convert you completed hand back into sub-d's and fix any shapping problems your having then.

# 4 03-01-2006 , 06:17 PM
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Cool, thanks for the infos. I will check them out as soon as I can and post the result back. And being the complete newbie that I am heh, I didn't thought of the converting part. I think that should do it but right now I can't access maya. user added image So will be back later with what I got.


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# 5 05-01-2006 , 05:02 AM
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Apologize for not posting at an earlier time for I am pretty busy these days. But I went back to fix the model and at the end I found that it was really a simple problem that I just wasn't too focused to solve. (Bad habit which I must eliminate:p) Pyrus was right. The right border of the palm was pushed inward. I did that for the sake of an early attempt to further tweak the hand but that was a fatal mistake. So I put it in polygon mode and saw the problem right there then pushed it back as "normal" as I can see it where it was and then it worked. Thanks for all the inputs and I will keep in mind of the methods provided for future reference.

(Hm, dates on board are weird.)

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