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# 1 09-03-2006 , 11:11 AM
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Extruding faces BIG problem

Hi everybody !

I am working now on the yeti project and I have problem in part 2 in Disc 1 when I need to extrude faces to do the fist of the yeti.

When I am exturding everything is OK but when I smooth my polygon the fingers of the Yeti split to two parts just the extruded polygons do this problem .

Please help me !

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# 2 10-03-2006 , 08:44 AM
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that's a big screen shot.....

most probably, it looks like the faces you grabbed were divided in half, either by an edge, or with vertices on both sides. If you had 'keep faces together' off, then you'd get the behaviour shown there (the fingers are still doubled before smoothing, but because they share the same virtual space, you can't tell that there's anything wrong until you smooth it....). Does that help?

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Xander is right. I think you might find that the "Keep Faces Together" option was unticked.

You would see it as the two faces extruding together, but in reality once you do a smooth or proxy smooth you would see that they are two separate pieces of geometry.

If u are 100% sure "Keep Faces Together" was ticked then you may need to look at the history for the extrusions and see what the settings are, as it may give you a clue to what went wrong.

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