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# 1 09-05-2006 , 06:28 AM
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Black screen on render when effects applied


Total noob here.

When I just draw any simple shape, I can press render (on maya's render and mental ray) and I will see the simple object rendered.

But if I try to add any kind of lighting to it (spot light, ambient light etc) the render will come out as a black screen.

The really wierd thing is that I still have the personal learning edition installed, and if I try the same process on this the render comes out fine.

Anyone have a clue what is going on?

My graphics card is a BFG GeForce 6600 GT OC 128MB DDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI PCI-E

# 2 09-05-2006 , 06:17 PM
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don't know but, i would try uninstalling it al then reinstalling just the license version.

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# 3 09-05-2006 , 10:09 PM
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Just noticed that when the 'Maya Hardware' setting is on in the globals, it show the lights - but if 'Maya Software' or 'MentalRay' is selected, it only shows black.

What could be wrong with it?

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