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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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From concept to 3d model


I'm looking for a tutorial from simplymaya that has something i haven't seen before yet. I bought the t-rex modelling dvd and the oliphant cause i want to learn organic modellin and they are helping (still finishing another and starting the t-rex) me a great deal in the area of organic modelling but what i find is that the models are always modelled from reference from the side (t-rex, oliphant) and know i have a question. When working in like the games or film industrie you often get concepts of creatures from concept designers, but those won't be front & side view drawnings right? So know i'm searching for a tutorial that lead you trough the proces from an concept image that ISN'T a front or side view but let's say a 3/4 view (in x and y) and then build a model from that.. So that you do have reference but you can't just line up the points to the drawning...

I hope you understand what i mean, and if you don't just say so and i will try to explain it better. But does anyone know if there's such a tutorial around?

Thanks in forward very much! :attn:

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I see what your saying and generally you will still use front and side images even if the concept is a 3quarter view say of a human animal etc. Makes it quicker to push out the models and have proper size. I can talk it over and see if i can do a tut soon that dont use a image plan and go off the concept only....

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That would be awesome! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :hug:

I know what you mean, and i would also love to have a drawning from the side, then i can build from that.. But in the film and game industrie i don't think you get those very often and more often just a concept art.. just look around the internet and those drawnings you will get when you are a modeller. So it would be great how to learn to interpretate a drawning, and what to model and what not cause sometimes when i look at the concept art then i find it hard to see what is what and how i can make it..
At there are pieces that are like this.. I'm more interested in cinematic creatures for feauture films, so a high detailed model would be better but nevertheless a low poly would be great too. Something else, but maybe simply maya isn't dealing with these kind of models but something like you see on:

Just detailed pieces.. and i'm not only talking about the enviroment but everything.

Thanks for the answeer kurt and hope to see more replys ! :p

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Just found another great example when browsing cgtalk.. :

user added image


user added image

This is probably a way to detailed and high poly model to cover in a simply maya tutorial but these models are exactly the models i want to make..

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