Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Client wants my models!!

Hi all. I have just done some animal models for a client and have supplied my Tiff files ready for print. The cost for these 10 images was £120 each but now the client is asking for the models as part of the cost. This wasn't said during the commission of the job so there was no negotiation to include extra cost for the models. Each model is taking 10 hours to do, this is the time it has taken to supply the tif images but what cost should I ask for if he wants the models also?

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the models are not ytours technically.
since you cannot use them for anything else without the consent of the company.

they need the models in case they need different renders or different shots,

they wouldnt want to pay you again to do those new shots.

as for the cost for the models, its questionable.

if it was not in the contract, its up to you do decide wether or not you will charge; but needless to say, wether you give them or not, you cannot reuse them without their ok.

so the models are technicallly not yours.

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Hi Vlad.
I agree with you on your point but I could reuse the models if they are re posed and re textured! Couldnt I?

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They models are his, so they are technically his.. I think this is kinda like buying software and wanting the source code user added image

Offcourse reusing them is not really smart idea, would not look good.

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Yeah, I'd agree with Vlad. You were given a job to create these models for this company and, presumably, were paid for the time you took to make them. Handing over the models along with the images seems like a reasonable request. Then, later on down the road, this company will have the source files available if they need new angles or whatnot.

If you had created the models on your own time and the company was simply paying for the use of renders, that'd be one thing, but if the models were created specifically for this company, then yeah, they belong to them.

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Hi Mike
yeah I agree that the models belong to the client it's just that it wasn't mentioned in the commissioning of the job, other wise I would have asked for more. Another lesson learnt!

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Ya its a fine line, when it comes to contracts ive learned a few lessons the hard way as well. When i used to do illustrations i had something simialr pop up when they wanted the characters rough sheets to go with illustrations which was not mentioned or in the contract. So after that i started to have everything written down in the contract as far as concepts, roughs and final images..

I also use the same practise with 3d models from sketches to finals to who gets what and if i can use them in my demo reel.

Always make sure you get paid for your time, lot of people dont have a clue how much time is involed in producing what we do. Again when i was more of a illusrator i would charge for new supplies as well like markers, papers exta.

Its hard to mentions and you dont want to scare off potential work but you have to take care of your self as well.

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To be honest, I disagreed.

First of all, I would've assumed that the original design files should not be sold or even be given out, as long as being mentioned first hand well within the contract. Which comes down only given to the client of what's the "final" product or outcome to the client "only".

If you have designed the model yourself from the ground up, technically it may will be yours, be legal rights, as for the client, he or she should only have the rights to use it "as a design-based outcome", rather having the total rights to re-use or re-sell it - because you're the original creator. Otherwise, the client should well spend few times of £120 (£120 x 10 or more times, for example) for your original "editable" model, if the client insist and wanted to get hold of your original 3D editable model.


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