Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Animation test that got me a job

He is the small animation video I did that got me my new job.
I know its got flaws in it but I thought it be nice to show peeps here what this employer was looking for

Video Link (33 megs)



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Not bad at all, sir, not bad at all...and congratulations on getting the job! (yeah, I'm trying to break out of 2D myself! :-) )

The punch was especially nice!

Carry on smartly!

"Ad astra per aspera..."
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congrats on the job dude, hope you like it...
also the little vid looks great =]
hope i can get a job in the animation industry

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my bosses avice is target one section and give that your all.

now I`m a quick modler but I really want to do animation and my boss could see that in my showreel but he wanted to see just my animation skills, thats why he asked me to do this.

if you want to be an animator get a simply rig (yours or some one elses) and just keep making little movement animations.

You know simole things like waving, jumping, running - but make them look as real as possible as thats all your giving them.
I`m quite lucky as I`m doing both modlering and animation, but people are usally only oing one of these jobs.

thx for the kind words and good luck getting a job .

I`m moving down ther 2mo and starting monday - here`s hoping I like the porject now.

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hey man, thanks for the great tips... ill keep them in mind =]

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Very good.

Its worth noting that this is the sort of thing that Lucasarts look for in an animator. If you go to the careers section of their site, it gives you a run down of what they want to see in a characters animation. They also include a man sawing


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Not bad only crit is try to make your movemts a bit more snappy.. as some of his movments are bit slow... Everything is there just play with the graph editor to give them a bit more snap

Good stuff


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