Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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Hello everyone. God, it is great to be back on these forums. Wow, it seems like the last post I put was about me starting my first day of high school. Haha, I'm actually halfway through my sophomore year now, and it feels pretty good I might add. Well, whats new with me? Nothing much, I have matured to an unbelievable extent compared to my last visit, but, have not really kept my (what little I have) maya skills up to date. But, Im back now, and for a reason, Im actually doing a project for my school. It's for my government class, we had to create a third political party (ie. other than republicans or democrats) and have a pitch to go along with it. Our group is doing 'space living' and I thought this the perfect chance to jump right back in. Ha, and a perfect excuse for my mom to purchase me a brand new graphics card, for "school" of course . =) But, the only catch is, I have a little over a week to complete it. And I dont have as much free time as one would expect, being the oh so social butterfly I am.... user added image But, considering that, I have started and will show some of my work and ref images that I have so far. Any comments would be excellent. Thank you, its so good to be back.

user added image

user added image

user added image

user added image

And thats about it, I hand it over to you for judging and criticism. Thanks again. =)

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wow, its nice to see you posting here again!

anyway, the model looks great, i cant really crit it at this early stage but you are definately on the right track!



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dont know you so i cant say whether its good or bad to have you back but cool model

# 4 06-12-2006 , 07:05 AM
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hey alienscience - it looks like a very cool start mate. is it supposed to be for on the ground or in space?

good to see you back. user added image

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Hey man, Nice to see your back!

Maybe start a thread up in the WIP for this baby!

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Originally posted by gster123
Hey man, Nice to see your back!

Maybe start a thread up in the WIP for this baby!

Haha, perfect idea. Thanks. Appreciate it. And I'm off right now to put up some stuff on it. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your consideration. =)

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Actually, I vaguely remember the last time I saw you was when you had your little flame war over your avatar. I trust we've stragithened that out, yes?

Welcome back. user added image

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looks interesting and cool alienscience user added image

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yeaa, i remember that post where you said its your first day of high school, and the one over your avatar too. wow that IS a long time ago.

welcome back dude!

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# 10 31-12-2006 , 09:55 AM
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had been quite a while. I do like the space station? A week is pretty short i hope you can cram some more time in on it.

I understand your making a 3rd political party but i still dont understand the reason for the model...

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Wow, ANOTHER "old timer" back on the boards! Welcome back man!

- Hybrid
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