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Attaching curves question

I'm having trouble attaching curves to NURBS circles. Basically what I'm trying to do is create a complex shape outline for extruding. I created 3 NURBS circles in the side view in a pyramid formation (2 circles on the bottom and one on top). Next, I drew a short concave curve and attached it from the top of the bottom left circle to the left side of the top circle. I duplicated this curve and rotated it for the opposite side. Then, I did it again for the bottom.

I'm wondering how I would connect all the curves to just make an outline for extruding. Is there an easier approach? I figured using the circles and the duplicated curves would allow for a more even extruded object. Maybe it would be better to just get a better grip on the curve tool and use that?


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Umm... I can't picture what you're trying to do user added image
Could you post a screenshot with some explanations?

user added image

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I just set up a quick geocities page so I could post the file. All my server info is on my other box and I haven't gotten around to migrating everything to the one I just built. Anyway here's the screenshot: I basically wanted to do some kind of combine so I just have the outline of the clover shape for extruding. For the example I created 3 NURB circles and used the arc tool for the first curve, then duplicated (copies, not instances) for the other curves.


Went back and edited the geocities page so the picture is at normal size now. The link above is correct.

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Here are my thoughts:

I guess you want to end up with an enclosing curve for extruding, and not a "pattern" of curves containing every part of the original circles.

Heres a "manual" operation.

I suggest to use the "cut curve" option. Select everything and cut it (take a look at the option box and select what's appropriate). (!) Use the orthogonical view when cutting and set you option box to "active view".

Delete unwanted parts of the curves.

Next, use the "attatch curves" options. Attatch one curve to another (one by one).

1) If you get wierd results, reverse the curve direction for one of the curves.
2) If the cut curves aren't close enough for connection;
- either do it all over with the convex overshooting the cirlce curves and cut it all again.
- or pick the appropriate vertices and make the convex curve's end vertice connect to the circle-curve for connection.

There could be an easier way to do this, but I prefer the manual way for the time being.
user added image

looks like you want to have the whole part of the three cirlcles too, so just change the option box to "using last curve" and...

pick a circle curve then shift click the convex curve...
... and then cut it
...and delete unwanted parts of the convex curve

(!) you may want to simply make the convex curve by making a whole circle instead of skratch building the convex curve, in that way the cut curve option will work perfect, as the circle-curve-to-be-a-convex-curve is overshooting and crossing your initial "pyramid" circle.

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You know after looking at the image, I realized I misplaced the bottom arc. It should be further on the -y axis to match the relative positions of the other arcs. Sorry if my descriptions are confusing. I'm just trying to take the outline of the shape -- the outsides of the circles and the connected arcs -- to make a "clover" type of outline to extrude into a roof beam.

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