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Rendering Paint Effects

How is it possible to render paint effects in mental ray.

I have created hair using paint effects. it is not being rendered in mental ray.

IN the paint effects display tab. i have gone into the mental ray line or tab(i dont know what we call that one). in that there is something that is called flags.

so what should i do to get it rendered.

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As far as I am aware, you can't render Maya Paint Effects in Mental Ray. I had the same issue with my Wii WIP on the glow.
To get round it I converted the paint Effects to Ploygons, tweaked the shader slightly and rendered that way.

From what I know of Paint Effects... "... Paint Effects strokes are a post-render effect in the Maya software renderer, so they have to be recreated as geometry to be rendered with Mental Ray, ..."

They only other option I would suggest is compositing in Post-Production...

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