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the Dark Knight teaser 1

Nothing of the film in it as yet, but a level of anticipation about it all the same. I like the look of the Joker in the pic. Chris Nolans idea of keeping the world of Batman in the here and now, is far more believable. As much as I enjoyed Jack Nicholsons Joker, I reckon this version is going to be a lot more scary, as its depicted in the comics, a complete an utter pyscho!


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I`m not a big fan of batman or any of the DC comic characters for that matter (marvel man all the way), but the last batman was quite cool so will be watching out for this one.

I liked the fact they kept it real, not camped it up like the other versions of Batman. Lets hope we get to see the Joker unleashed and not toned down. The only thing I did not like in the first was the over the top car and now in the second one the car-look-a-like bike.

As for the rubbish that were Tim Burtons works I sent him a letter asking for my money back (well I was 12 at the time - thought it would work) the sooner everyone forgets them the better.

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Well, being a long-time Batman fan (since age 3) and none too keen on the Marvel side of things (I've never forgiven them for giving Rob Liefeld his big break) I for one hope it's better than the earlier film (Bats Begins ... Yet Again). I seem to be one of the minority that loathes the work of David Goyer post Blade, and am sick of people playing fast and loose with the established continuity of my favourite chatracter.

Surely even you, tweety, must be sick of the massive amounts of ret-conning that permeate Marvel's titles (no more bleedin' Gwen Stacey stories, please!!) Leave the continuity well alone and write NEW stories, for gawd's sake!

As for the choice of Christian Bale to play Bruce Wayne, I just felt there wasn't enough seperation between the Wayne/Batman characters. Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, however, was excellent (remarkably close to Jim Gordon in Year 1). But it pleases the masses, I suppose.

We can always play 'Who does Wayne reveal his identity to this time' - my money is on someone related to the Joker. Sigh.

Oh, just for those who don't know the Batman character - Henri Ducard taught a young Bruce Wayne deductive reasoning and detection skills, and is in no way related to Ras Al Ghul.

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