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# 1 23-12-2002 , 03:14 PM
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My Maya icons have gone?

Hi guys, Can anyone help with this, all my Maya icons in my scenes folder or where ever on my computer have changed to a quicktime icon!!!?? I cant even change ithe application to open it with in the properties. Maya does not come up in the list of applications to choose from and if I browes to Maya it doesnt open. The only way to open them is through File-open the browes for it.. How then can I get my icons back? cheers

# 2 23-12-2002 , 04:29 PM
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hmmm, sounds like you just installed quicktime.. am i right? or maybe messed around with quicktime settings? depending on what resources you have available (norton's ghost, Go Back) and what operating system your using (XP, 2000, ME), you may be able to restore your sysytem resources to a pont before you came accross this problem. Quicktime is notorious for changing system setting to make your OS use quicktime for everything. perhaps you may want to look into un-installing quicktime and all its components. perhaps your system will default back to where your files are at least usable.

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# 3 23-12-2002 , 05:12 PM
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I uninstalled quicktime to see if that fixed the problem but didnt. still all my Maya scene files have a quicktime icon. is there a way of getting the Maya application into the list of programs which appears in the "select new program to open file" part of the properties?

# 4 23-12-2002 , 07:20 PM
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Right-click on a scene file and choose Open With... then choose Maya and make sure you check the Always Open With box and you're all set user added image


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# 5 23-12-2002 , 07:26 PM
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if that doesnt work.. make sure you Press and hold SHIFT and then right-click so you see the "open with..." option..


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