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Depending on the detail required, the allotted production schedule will USUALLY be from 4-8 weeks to complete your entry.
You'll need all the time you can spare. TRUST me on that one

Each main Challenge announcement will include the actual time-to-complete deadline date, so each challenge may be longer, or shorter depending on the difficulty

These challenges will be a straight up, soup to nuts, 8-10 second effects shot at 24 fps.
Final shots need to be delivered/uploaded/linked in either H264 Quicktime, AVI, Mpeg, or WMV.
Please, no exotic codecs.
H264, Divx AVI, Sorenson, MPEG2, or any major codec is fine.

Each FX Challenge will kick-off with a ONE week (7-day) "Pre-Production" period in which ALL challengers must do the following to qualify as a challenger:

1. Format your WIP thread title like the following:
"USERNAME FX-01-2008".
(The "01" part is the challenge number)

2. Within the first week of the pre-production period, before the Challenge start date, you must post a scetch, or a text description of your intended idea.
Yes, we know things change, so in the event you may get in over your head, or want/need to change your idea, update your WIP thread accordingly!

Yes, but no more than a 2-person team.
And your team WIP thread must be titled:
"TEAMNAME FX-01-2008".
(The "01" part is the challenge number)

Hi-res (2K+) plates will be provided by myself for download.
They will be in RAW or Jpeg format with camera data embedded(lens, focal length, exif standard stuff)
Location data/elevation, time of day, etc. will also be provided if nessecary.
*Assets will be released Copyright-free of course, so you can use them in your reel
    Unless noted otherwise, EVERYTHING MUST BE MADE FROM SCRATCH!
  • No copyrighted material allowed.
  • No models that cost money will be allowed.
  • If everyone can use it for free, it is acceptable.
  • Upload the asset ASAP to the SM downloads area and link to it in the main Challenge announcement thread so folks can use it as well if they wish.
    NOTE - Obviously textures and pyro/smoke footage from places like Detonation Films etc. are totally acceptable, and can (and will i'm sure) be used in your shots
    (THOSE do not need to be uploaded or shared.)

    Yes, practical effects and miniatures are allowed.
    Remember, you're shooting these yourself so BE CAREFULL!!!
    (Note, SM assumes no responsibility if you blow your eyebrows off, etc.)

    3D APP:
    ANY 3d tool will be allowed
    Maya, Max, Houdini, Softimage, etc...

  • Any post app(s) and tools of the trade can be used to pull-off the shot such as Fusion, Flame, Combustion, After Effects, JahShaka, and Shake etc.
  • Problems you encounter in your post app will need to be solved on your own.
  • DO NOT create new threads related to your post app questions. You CAN, however post those questions in your WIP thread and maybe someone will be nice enough to help if possible.
  • Demo software with watermarks are acceptable.

  • Each entry's' WIP will need to show the FULL progress of the shot starting from your initial scetch/description, all the way to the final entry!
  • Screenshots, playblasts, animation tests, matte paintings, etc. can be shown, and are ENCOURAGED!
    Plus that helps a LOT in the voting process, and it helps everyone learn too
  • No "last-minute" entries! You must not perform your whole shot in the last few weeks of the challenge.
    This is in the event someone may use an already-made shot, thus the reason for a completely detailed WIP, start to finish.
  • Feel free to change your idea as much as you like, but you NEED show ALL of your work, as much as you can/want, start to finish!

  • Sound of any type is fine for your reel, or the main gallery, but not here!
    Your final shot submission must NOT contain AUDIBLE sound.
    (MPEG2 needs an audio track, so if you feel you must compress your final shot to MPEG2, use a "dead" track with no audible sound.)

  • Like the other Challenges, since I'll be paying for it myself, a single grand prize will be offered based on a community poll, however like Mike has done in the past, the final winner will be selected by myself.

Oh, one more thing, I WILL also be doing my version of each challenge along side everyone else!!
You will not be able to vote for me in the end, but its always good to feel the pain along with everyone else

Post any questions in the MAIN challenge thread!

I hope you all enjoy yourselves, and everyone learns something!
Israel "Izzy" Long
Motion and Title Design for Broadcast-Film-DS
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