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Rotating a Hinge Constraint

I created a hinge constraint between 2 rigid bodies and I can't rotate the hinge axis of the constraint properly. Each body is a group of primitives. Here is what I've done:

-created 2 polygon primitives;
-grouped them (edit->group) under "group1";
-created another 2 polygon primitives;
-group them (edit->group) under "group2";
-selecting group1 I created active rigidBody1;
-selecting group2 I created active rigidBody2;
-selecting group1 and group2, created a hinge constraint;

The problem is that I can't rotate the axis of the hinge in world coordinates. Whenever I move the constraint or try to rotate it, the hinge axis move very strangely all over the place, not following the world axes. What can I do?
(I have Maya 7.0).

Thanks for your time.

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have you deleted history, and frozen the transformations of the objects and the groups?
and when you constrained them where was the pivot point for each object/group you are trying to move? All of these things are KEY to getting constraints done properly.

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Thanks for replying. I tried what you suggested:

-deleted history before making the constraint;
-froze transformations;
-then created the hinge joint;
The pivots are in the centers of the rigid bodies.

The problem is that I can't control properly the green axis of the hinge constraint that is displayed, although I see that the constraint transformations seem ok in the attribute window... what does the green axis represent? because I see that it's not a representation of the constraint transforms. Sorry for the questions, I just started trying out things in Maya.

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