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# 1 31-03-2008 , 11:30 PM
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Please help - Trying to render maya hardware and software to the same image

Hello I have been having this problem in maya 2008 for quite a while now and it is really bugging me..

I set my scene up in render layers and have the objects; buildings and characters rendering with maya software. I used the layer override of maya hardware for the rain layer.

This works fine, but only for a single frame render and NOT the batch render which comes out separate and not in the master layer with everything else. Cant the master layer batch render onto the same single jpeg's so i dont have to do this in after effects... I have tried many things to fix this problem, please can someone
help me,

I just want to render rain in my scene - simple

I have spent way too long on this scene ;P



# 2 01-04-2008 , 03:02 AM
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Its probably because you're using jpgs, theres no alpha for it to separate and comp it for you. So its probably having a bit of trouble there for starters

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Hey Mikezx.

First off, please do not double postuser added image
I deleted your duplicate post in the Dynamics section as it is a rendering-specific post.

Anyhoo, Jay is correct. As you are rendering your images out to Jpegs, they do not carry an extra 8-bit alpha by nature, so it would be better for you to render your passes out to .iff, .tga, or .tiff.
That way you have an alpha for your rain layer.

All 3 formats are supported by AE as well, so you're good thereuser added image

Also, if your rain is just a 2d pass of rain that only goes over-top of your shot, and you do not "fly through it", you can also just add the rain in post right in AE.

If you are not sure how to make rain in AE, there are TONS of tutorials regarding creating rain in AE.
Good luck!

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