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Hey guys please i need some advice on a new project i will be managing


I need some advice... My church has currently given me the green light to create a cartoon for the childrens church. It will be a christain 3d animation for the kids at the church to watch while the parents are in the main service. The church will be funding so the money will be limited, i will be doing this on a part time basis for free no charge. I am thinking of putting a team together and directing the project. I need some advice, it will be about a 20min episode, i will do only one episode as a test first, so i have some questions. (Note: we already have hardware and software ready and its not gonna be too comlplex of an animation)

1. How many team members do you think i need. ( i was thinking 4 plus me 5)
2. How do i divide the work load (animation, lighting/rendering, modeling e.t.c)
3. Specifically how do i divide animation among 2 or 3 animators
4. How do i pipeline the whole project.
5. How do i get animators, modelers, and VFX personnel to work together without wasting time.

I can handle all the preproduction and postproduction my self since i am very versatile. its just production am worried about.

How would you do this if it were you? what are the pitfalls i need to worry about? and do you have any advice in general..

I have about 4 years in experience in 3d animation, so am familiar with a lot of applications..

Thank you so much

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i great way to split up the aniamation tasks is by shot. You can really split up your work load by doing it shot by shot. It sounds like a decent sized team but this is a decent sized project as well so goodluck

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if you have four years up you should already know most of what you have asked. its like any business outside of the maya 3D app.., you plan, plan and plan again.

you need as many team members as you can get.

you divide the work load amongst those who can perform the tasks the best. OR.., you will have to pick them at random and train them with tuts o r on site.

divide work with constant communication and a good naming convention for files.., make sure every object is names and every scene has a suffix or prefix like '_A' and the date (on EVERY FILE\SCENE)

how do you pipe line a project?? if you dont know you better read a good book about it.., or do a google and u tube search.., you cant expect a one sentence answer to that one?? basically though, allocate and communicate and be enthusiastic even when you dont feel it.

TIME MANAGEMENT and TEAM WORK.., there are a lot of god books and such

try a search for a guy who became famous for giving what known as 'the last lecture,' he gave this ecture at a colledge in the States and died shortly there after.., it is BRILLIANT.., and from there google search his name under time management. he gave another about this not long before he died.

20 min?? aiming high there my friend!! 4 minutes could take three months, 3 days, three years???

take it easy and life will be easy
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