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# 1 13-11-2008 , 02:57 AM
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Maya 2009 problem - no mental ray options

Hi folks,

just installed 2009 and having a problem. I've tried disabling and re-enabling the mental ray plugin, and deleted the preferences but to no avail.

Basically, in the render globals, I have no mental ray options other than Common and Passes; the other tabs are there, but they contain no options, and whenever I select them I get the error:

// Error: Object's name is not unique: scrollLayout.

The script editor also says, on opening the mental ray tab, Error.

I get this message when I open the features tab:

// Error: Cannot find procedure "miContourEqual". //

Anyone else seen this and know a fix?



# 2 21-11-2008 , 10:35 PM
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Dunno man, I dont have 2k9.

I would suggest contacting Autodesk, alternativly try Area.

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